increase your profits

A recent USDA study demonstrated that, over time, you can enhance your income and get more value from crop insurance if you invest in higher levels of coverage and then connect your crop insurance coverage to your marketing plan by using it to more aggressively market a larger percentage of your crop.

For example, if you buy up to the 75% level of Revenue Protection (RP), you can forward contract up to 75% of your expected harvest with more confidence.

Another important connection links your crop insurance and marketing plans to your financial plans.

Elevator operators, commodity brokers, the extension service, and the team made up of your loan officer and your Windmark Insurance Agent are all important resources to help you increase the value and return on your farming operation.

Provides the ability to retrieve Insurance Plan, Unit of Measure, Type Code, Practice Code, Option Code/Rate Class/Crush District, Cat Price/Cat Amount, Established Price/Reference Maximum Amount, Additional Price, Base Price, and Harvest Price by State and County for individual/all crop(s). Results can be printed in tabular form.


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