protect your investment

Yield Protection coverage levels from Catastrophic to 85% determine how much of your risk you want to share with your insurance company.

Producers often find they are more adequately prepared to recover from crop losses with YP BuyUp coverage. Levels range from 50% of the yield at 100% of the price to 85% of the yield at 100% of the price.

Producers whose farm yields tend to follow the average county yield may want to consider the Group Risk Plan of Insurance (GRP).

Good crop production records increase the value of your YP crop insurance coverage.

Provisions are available for new producers or producers with few or no records to help build yield records.

Increased premium subsidy rates, particularly at the higher coverage levels, help you maximize the benefits of your crop insurance coverage.

Yield Protection provides protection against losses caused by both weather related perils and other causes such as insect or wildlife damage.

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